Do not Rust.

What was happening. He never felt this bad in his entire existence. The boy was holding to his stomach. Did he just lost his best friend? His ”big brother”? The only person that could just tease him and made him laught in a fraction of seconds? The one that would smack him behind the head when he cries?

Yes, he did loosed him. His stomach hurted more and more as he throws up again in front of the store. He was breathing heavily, feeling paranoiac. He was blind, just like when Sabitsuki slashed his eyes and he was alone, in a street. Everybody couldn’t finish him up, just beat him there. He was shaking more, feeling the need to barf again.

Gabe was gone, Sabitsuki was gone, Michelle was gone and now Faceless. The one that told him he won’t forget him. The one that made him hang on to life. He felt heavy, he felt burning. How was he going to go home…

Oh what home? He was alone now. Michelle had the house, Faceless kicked him out with a knife to his throat… He had no where to go anymore.